Hangzhou Fuyang Haitian Refrigeration Electrical Factory
About us
Hangzhou Fuyang Haitian Refrigeration Electrical Appliance Factory is located on the beautiful Fuchun River. It is a professional manufacturer of refrigerators and air conditioning accessories. It was founded in May 1993. It is an earlier manufacturer of similar products in China, and also an enterprise with comparatively competitive price advantages of similar products in China. The company's purpose: to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers with high quality products and low prices. At present: the company has strong technical force and rich production experience, annual output value has also been greatly improved. In addition to supplying the domestic market, our customers are also located in Southeast Asia, Arab, Middle East, Europe and other regions, with an annual export ratio of more than 80%. The company's product cover covers the following areas: 1. Various kinds of heavy hammer starters (current relays) for refrigerators; 2. PTC starters for refrigerators; 3. Overload heat protectors for refrigerators and air conditioners; 4. Defrosting thermostats for various refrigerators; 5. Defrosting heaters for refrigerators; Welcome users to consult and obtain more detailed information.
Hangzhou Fuyang Haitian Refrigeration Electrical Factory
Address: No. 33 Zhengjiazhuang, Chengzhuang Village, Xindeng Town, Fuyang City, Hangzhou Contact number: 86-571-63206660 E-mail: manager@fx-zl.com
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